Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Apple to unveil iCloud, iOS 5 this Monday!

Apple has confirmed that it will be announcing iCloud on June 6th, what it's calling an "upcoming cloud services offering." Also Apple will be announcing iOS 5 and it's integration with Mac OS X Lion. Looking forward to WWDC? Me too! Can't wait to see the live stream this Monday!

Plants vs Zombies Hit's Android!

So the well known game has finally hit Android! Courtesy of Amazon App Store! Get it today while it's free because tomorrow you will have to pay for it. It's been on iOS for a while now and I'm finally glad to see and Android version of the game. Android is the way forward!

Monday, 30 May 2011

All New Blog!

Hello guys, I have finally decided to start a blog. Here I will discuss all the lastest and greatest things in the world of technology. Including new gadgets, inventions and just news in general. I hope you will find this interesting!